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Superhero Sex Shops and Great Sex Toys with JoEllen Notte (The Redhead Bedhead) – Episode 4

How do you tell a good toy from a great one? How do you spot a superhero sex shop? JoEllen Notte (the Redhead Bedhead) joins Queerie Bradshaw to answer these questions and more.

Download How to Spot a Great Sex Shop – And Survive a Bad One by JoEllen Notte at FriskyFeminist.com, it’s free thanks to a generous sponsorship by SheVibe.com. Use coupon code “SexShop” when checking out at SheVibe.com and get a 10% discount!

This podcast is a part of my #SexEdHangout series, where I ask experts in the field of sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity your questions live in Google Hangouts. See all past shows at YouTube.com/QueerieBradshaw and view upcoming shows at QueerieBradshaw.com. Email Info@QueerieBradshaw.com with questions or suggestions for upcoming guests.

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Ep3 – Regulating Bodies & Identities on the Internet with Djazzo of Just Jasmine, Annie of PhD in Parenting and Jenny of Conscientious Confusion at BlogHer ’13

Superstar bloggers Djazzo (JustJasmineBlog.com), Annie (http://www.phdinparenting.com), and Jenny (http://www.conscientiousconfusion.com) join me for a conversation about regulating bodies and identities, on the Internet, real-life sex vs. fantastical pornography, drinking breast milk, being queer and in a seemingly heterosexual relationship, and how feminism and people pleasing don’t always go together.

Recorded July 2013 at BlogHer13 in Chicago.

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Episode 2 – Teaching Sex Online with Princess Kali from Erotication.com, KinkAcademy.com and PassionateU.com

Professional Dominatrix and Sex Educator Princess Kali joins Queerie Bradshaw to talk about her company Erotication, creators of online sexual education resources and the sites she runs, including Kink Academy, Passionate U, New to Kink, Fifty Shades of Romance, Fearless Press, Be a Sex Educator and Kink Leaders.

Episode 2 – Princess Kali of Erotication on the Queerie Bradshaw podcast
Episode 2 – Princess Kali of Erotication on the Queerie Bradshaw podcast

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Episode 1 – Steak and a Blow Job Day with Mona Darling of DarlingPropaganda.com

Steaks, blowjobs, a dominatrix mommy blogger and a few added guests on the very first official Queerie Bradshaw podcast.

Mona Darling looking fabulous as always.
Mona Darling looking fabulous as always.

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